About Us

HEDE Photographers is a small group of photographers that are all from Hede. Just so you know, Hede is a small place in Sweden. We gather every weekend to have some photo workshops. We seldom have photo walk every 3rd sunday of the month. It is our hobby for almost a decade now. We are enjoying what we are doing. However, it came to a point where everyone is being tired of doing weekly, so instead of having meeting every week and do photo walk, we spend some time in blogging of what we got or took during our photo workshop and photo walk. We agreed to share some of our shots here online so we can also help some other photographers and designers who are looking for some great photos.

If you see what you are looking for in this website, you can use them with our permission, send us a message to ask for a permission. If any of you who wants to ask some thing from us, you can also use the form found right on the contact us page on this blog. Talk to you sooner!