99 Club: An Impressive Dollar Photo Club Alternative

The Dollar Photo Club offers one of the cheapest stock photos in the market. It is one of the stock photo websites that do not compensate quality with low price. Its collection is filled with professional quality images – all for the price of $1. Thus, it can be very challenging to find a stock site in its likeness. Fortunately, there is another that possess the same impressive features and benefits. In fact, 99 Club by Stock Photo Secrets even offers two times more than what DPC offers.

The Dollar Photo Club is finally shutting its doors to members and non-members alike on April 15, 2016. That gives you two weeks to find an equally great or better Dollar Photo Club alternative. Surely, there are multiple stock photo sites in the Internet. However, not one of them offers the same DPC experience you have learned to love. 99 Club offers the creative community with fairly the same kind of product at a better price, get more information.

Photo Collection

The 99 Club has over 4 million high quality stock images, vectors and premium fonts in its library. It is consistently growing, with 60,000 to 80,000 fresh images uploaded every month. All its images include a royalty-free license, model release and property release so you do not have to worry about additional fees down the road. You can directly use the images for commercial and non-commercial purposes for as long as you like.

Download Limits and Expiration

The 99 Club has no monthly download limit. Your membership allows you to download 200 high quality images whenever you like – even all in one day. There is also no limit on what images you can download. You can access and download any image, vector or illustration from its collection. You can also access everything in Ingimage, except the videos. Moreover, these images have no expiration. After you download an image, you can use it forever.   

Plan and Pricing

99 Club allows you to download 200 professional quality images (of any size) for only $99 per year. If you need more, you can also purchase extra images for only $0.99 each. Compared to the Dollar Photo Club subscription, you can get two times the image downloads for the same price. The price per image is also cheaper. Furthermore, your membership will not be automatically renewed. At the end of the year, you have a choice to keep or cancel your membership.

99 Club offers the same Dollar Photo Club experience that expired members are looking for, and a bit more. All these features and benefits make it an impressive Dollar Photo Club alternative. Sign up to the stock photo website today. It has only limited availability so you should hurry.